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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

John F. Kennedy, Edmund Burke, R. Murray Hyslop, Charles F. Aked, John Stuart Mill.

How can you tell if your individual anti-aging protocol is as perfect as possible?
Follow 5 steps to perfection:\ 

For a step-by-step overview of GLOBAL WARMING - CLIMATE CHANGE - click on:

PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW! Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained

The Greed Machine Behind Global Warming,201680604.aspx

The extreme urgency to expose the covert Geoengineering "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW"atrocities.SaveSaveSaveSave

Still under th
e influence of dishonest, intentionally planted, bogus Anti Climate Change arguments by the oil industry? .

FINALLY: Geoengineering Watch
Legal Team Moves Forward With Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm to expose the WEATHER MODIFICATION ATROCITIES.

Non-polluting Energy alternatives galore:

Unusual symptoms in airline passengers and crews – inflammation, allergies, flu-like
- connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM spraying: 

  These Test Animals had no choice but to eat the GM-corn they were fed.
                                        Would you?   Figure 5.

Animals fed GMO corn get tumors and develop organ-malfunctions; a scientifically established fact
. The science is clear, but you won't believe the harassment perpetrated on scientists by GMO manufacturers when they report risks associated with GMOs. For pictures and the - truly nasty - details CLICK HERE.

Would you eat GM - genetically modified -- foods after learning that:
Russia banned all GMO crops, and with a 10-year moratorium. For details click .

 Followed  by Greece, France, Scotland, Germany - and many more. As of October 2015 38 countries worldwide banned GMOs: .

There is a strong correlation between GMO consumption and 22 major diseases: .   Right along with US GMO consumption - - inversely - - US life span among 30 nations has dropped to dead last;
for references see the (above) quoted scientific publication.

Would you trust an industry
- - in this case the GMO industry - - that triggers harassment campaigns against researchers who publish risks of GMO foods? Naturally not! Read more about it at

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"NUTS!" to the Climate-Change Denialists.
From Chemtrails and weather modification (awry-gone Frankenstein-type government programs, spraying Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into the atmosphere), to the Methane Death Spiral (scientists giving proof that an earth-terminating run-away disaster has a high probability of happening soon), and carbon-free energy solutions that could put the US back into the # 1 position in the world, click here for the A4M Forum posts.

Look up into the sky: Chemtrails are nothing "normal." Facts prove that we are being doused with disease-causing toxins. Learn more about it and support our DEMAND for an open discussion of this pseudo-scientific VooDoo:
What are they hiding? Or is it an admission that earth is on its last leg, and that they - - Governments - - should have done much more 15 years ago?

Q.: How does your air-conditioner work?
A.: The air-conditioner cools the air, and the circulating air cools the entire place.

Our earth has two air-conditioners: One - large ice masses - on the N-pole, and the other - more ice - on the S-pole.
     Due to our - ever increasing - burning of fossil fuels - oil, gas, coal - the temperature of the entire planet has been rising steadily, and melting the ice caps on both poles; the air conditioning effect is getting less and less, thus changing the climate everywhere. Here in the US southern states are drowning, Texas is dieing from heat and drought, extreme storms ("Sandy" on the east coast) are causing horrendous damages, and in coastal areas ocean levels are rising, Damages climb into the mega-billions!
     Just one - Sandy related - example: Storm damages have increased by 60% from 2011 to 2012, to $80 billion, and rising. Insurance claims are sky-rocketing. To balance insurance claims, homeowners near the ocean have been asked to raise the foundations of their homes, or face $30,000/year insurance premiums. What would you do?
Anything that burns (oil products, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, coal, wood) forms CO2. All living creatures also inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. The total US CO2 production from all sources is about 35 BPD (Billion Pounds/Day); included in that is the CO2 amount from all living creatures, people and animals, approximately 2 Billion pounds/day.

            Trees and oceans used to be able balance the CO2:

                                     Sun energy

           CO2   + H2O   ---------------->  carbohydrates      + O2.

      Not any more!
     Steadily decreasing over the years, nowadays, of all the CO2 produced, nature is only capable of balancing 54%, leaving us (in the US alone) with an excess of about 16 billion pounds of CO2 each day. When CO2 levels in the air increase, plants actually shut down
uptake because CO2 at higher levels is toxic to trees (Univ. of San Diego agri study).

“More energy from the sun hits the earth in 1 hour than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year.” Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology.

Methane, time-bombs ready to go off.
    Buried under millions of acres of permafrost (ground frozen all year long) tundra in Alaska, and in cold waters in lakes and oceans, are about 400 Gigatons of methane. Methane (CH4, a natural gas) burns like any hydrocarbon to produce CO2 and water. In cold lakes and oceans methane is found as solid (clathrate), crystallized with water. If perma-frost areas thaw, or ocean temperatures increase, the methane will be released as gas.
    Methane, 23 - 105 times more harmful than CO2, if released and accidentally ignited, can cause an environmental disasterous chain reaction, freeing methane that could pose a problem for the entire planet.
     A disaster of this kind already occurred. We learned that 344 square miles of tundra has been blackened by accidentally ignited methane. That's 344 square miles of permafrost that will absorb more solar energy, releasing more methane, until nature repairs the burn. My guess is that this patch of tundra will be some of the most studied ever. Ref.: .

     The needed CO2 reductions - for this planet to only have a chance of surviving - are so large that shutting down coal-burning plants, and GREATLY reducing (not increasing, as done by the oil industry) oil consumption, are an absolute and immediate MUST.

It is the greed of IRRESPONSIBLE special interests - polluting industries, and energy companies like gas, oil, and coal - that profit from their polluting activities, and that are endangering the survival of this planet.
     The US has the capacity - no question of a doubt - to be THE # 1 leader in the clean energy fields/technologies!

Please study: ; click here!

71 Datsun - converted to electric - beats Corvette, BMW and Mercedes. Check it out; click here:

THE MIT Solution: Just water and sun energy: A 100% pollution-free technology to supply the entire US with more energy than what we need:

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A clean environment AND 402 mpg per passenger - - in an airplane:
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Re.: Our DEMAND for a public discussion of the - - as we see it - - VooDoo Geoengineering projects: Supporting science facts:

 Intentionally planted BOGUS Anti-Global Warming arguments by coal, oil, fracking continue:

 “More energy from the sun hits the earth in 1 hour than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year.” Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology.


 Criminal: Utility companies are pushing legislation that makes it more difficult for people to install solar (news item August 8, 2014).

 Positive: Starting in 2012, in Germany, 50% of all electricity demands are - - despite a constant cloud layer - - met with photovoltaics (solar panels). Recent evaluations suggest that, today, 2014, it is as high as 62%.

 Life-threatening: Only 1% of the total Methane in permafrost land and oceans - - from 400 to 2,000 Gigatons - - released into the atmosphere, would be sufficient to change the equilibrium towards an earth-destructing fatality. At that point nothing could be done about it; Good-by Earth!

Destructive: 2013: Applied geoengineering decimated the S-Dakota cattle industry by inducing a sub-zero temperature ice storm that killed thousands of cattle.

Pure Science Facts: Do a Pub-Med (NIH database) search for “toxic effects of aluminum, or Barium, or Strontium, on human or plant health”, and you get – wow - 60,522 responses/citations.

Disease-inducing; definitely: Geoengineers have stated the goal of 20,000,000 tons of aluminum a year for global dispersement; that will sure make us all coming down with Alzheimers quickly, and increase big pharma profits.

A study published in NATURE, 499, July 2013, put it bluntly: When it happens, worldwide costs in dealing with it will be $60 Trillion. “All this proves that the $60 trillion price-tag for Arctic warming estimated by the latest Nature commentary should be taken seriously, prompting further urgent research and action on mitigation - rather than denounced on the basis of outdated, ostrich-like objections based on literature unacquainted with the ESAS.”

Satellites measure what energy comes in and what goes out. Incoming sun energy is equivalent to 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day. 90% of that, previously reflected by Arctic ice, now warms permafrost areas and oceans, causing ever increasing amounts of Methane to be released. Opinions expressed by scientists, not wanting to be quoted by name: “Only true mathematical and pseudo-scientific lunatics could believe that spraying some chemicals from airplanes could balance the energy equivalent of just one Hiroshima nuclear bomb!”

No brains: Geoengineering is counterproductive to established anti-climate-change measures already taken (- if you have solar panels on your house, it reduces electricity production by about 20%; does anybody reimburse you for this loss?). True, self-destructive lunacy from that point alone!

          The cost of Geoengineering - - $10+ billion/year (insiders insist that it must be much higher) - - used as seed money to get more people to install solar panels on their houses, will realize an ADDITIONAL 10 million solar rooftops/year.

Most serious, spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere induces diseases galore in humans and plants, and kills trees: .

References showing the toxic effects of Aluminum on trees: Aluminum toxicity and forest decline. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Jun 1988; 85(11): 3888–3892.
PMCID: PMC280325, D. L. Godbold,* E. Fritz, and A. Hüttermann

Plant and Soil , June 2014. Aluminum toxicity to tropical montane forest tree seedlings in southern Ecuador: response of biomass and plant morphology to elevated Al concentrations.

Calcium Depletion and Aluminum Toxicity May Contribute to Maple Decline. 2007, Paul Schaberg, U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station, VT.

Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease. Masahiro Kawahara1,* and Midori Kato-Negishi2

Whilst being environmentally abundant, aluminum is not essential for life. On the contrary, aluminum is a widely recognized neurotoxin that inhibits more than 200 biologically important functions and causes various adverse effects in plants, animals, and humans. The relationship between aluminum exposure and neurodegenerative diseases, including dialysis encephalopathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinsonism dementia in the Kii Peninsula and Guam, and Alzheimer's disease (AD) has been suggested.

They don't acknowledge - sometimes still deny - the spraying with Aluminum. So, how come independent lab analysis of rain/soil proved it (see cover story in SOCO magazine, August 2014), and Monsanto - out of the Goodness of their rotten(?) hearts - developed aluminum-resistant crops?