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PLEASE - Remember:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

John F. Kennedy, Edmund Burke, R. Murray Hyslop, Charles F. Aked, John Stuart Mill.

How can you tell if your individual anti-aging protocol is as perfect as possible?
Follow 5 steps to perfection:\ 

For a step-by-step overview of GLOBAL WARMING - CLIMATE CHANGE - click on:

PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW! Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained

The Greed Machine Behind Global Warming,201680604.aspx

The extreme urgency to expose the covert Geoengineering "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW"atrocities.SaveSaveSaveSave

Still under th
e influence of dishonest, intentionally planted, bogus Anti Climate Change arguments by the oil industry? .

FINALLY: Geoengineering Watch
Legal Team Moves Forward With Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm to expose the WEATHER MODIFICATION ATROCITIES.

Non-polluting Energy alternatives galore:

Unusual symptoms in airline passengers and crews – inflammation, allergies, flu-like
- connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM spraying: 

  These Test Animals had no choice but to eat the GM-corn they were fed.
                                        Would you?   Figure 5.

Animals fed GMO corn get tumors and develop organ-malfunctions; a scientifically established fact
. The science is clear, but you won't believe the harassment perpetrated on scientists by GMO manufacturers when they report risks associated with GMOs. For pictures and the - truly nasty - details CLICK HERE.

Would you eat GM - genetically modified -- foods after learning that:
Russia banned all GMO crops, and with a 10-year moratorium. For details click .

 Followed  by Greece, France, Scotland, Germany - and many more. As of October 2015 38 countries worldwide banned GMOs: .

There is a strong correlation between GMO consumption and 22 major diseases: .   Right along with US GMO consumption - - inversely - - US life span among 30 nations has dropped to dead last;
for references see the (above) quoted scientific publication.

Would you trust an industry
- - in this case the GMO industry - - that triggers harassment campaigns against researchers who publish risks of GMO foods? Naturally not! Read more about it at

And plan to attend the December A4M Congress in Las Vegas; this will be the largest ever, with record-setting number of speakers, Exhibits, and certification modules.     AND


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What's new in the Sciences:
DEER ANTLER VELVET instead of HGH; up-date:
More than one year ago I reported on a trial-run - - using a Deer Antler Velvet extract instead of HGH (human growth hormone) - - to maintain LBM (lean body mass; muscle). The decision to do so was based on 2 factors: a) the ever increasing price of HGH, and b) The laboratory analysis of Deer Antler Velvet containing IGF-1. The results were more than impressive; not only did I maintain my muscle mass but, over a 3-month period, actually gained 3 pounds.                                                                                  
Deer Antler Velvet and leaning: Depending on how one does resistance exercises - - use the "1RM" (one Repetition Max) guideline, as outlined in chapter 3 of "LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age"  (now available as public health education project as e-book for $1.99; see page 1) - - it is easy to just lean (burn fat, shape up, no muscle increase), or to increase muscle and bulk up. With an array of other growth factors being confirmed in Deer Antler Velvet - - - - via laboratory analysis, one learns to appreciate God's natural helpers. 

GE cows in New Zealand: disastrous results. GE Free NZ ‘s report on “GE Animals in New Zealand: the first fifteen years, 2000 – 2015”, documents the world’s first field trials of genetically modified cows, bred to express one of six transgenic protein traits in milk for use as bio-pharmaceutical products. Agresearch has conducted the research at their Ruakura facility in Hamilton.

Using AgResearch’s own records, the report catalogues a sad and profoundly disturbing story that has characterised the genetic engineering (GE) trials. The surrogate and transgenic cows suffer from chronic illness, reproductive losses, sudden unexplained deaths, and severe deformities.

Federation of German scientists whistleblower award goes to Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini

MicroLingual - - a big step forward in Supplements.
Even if you just take a few supplements every day, it often is a hand full, and swallowing them isn't exactly a pleasure; some people dislike taking pills/capsules so much that they quit taking supplements. But taking supplements ranks up there in importance, right along with exercise and quality nutrition. Searching for an answer, scientists at SUPERIOR SOURCE developed a whole new way of taking supplements: Extract the active ingredients! The result is a new line of supplements - - the entire spectrum of key supplements - -, much smaller in size, faster absorbed, and tasting absolutely delicious. Try it! You'll like it! .

The next major Congress of A4M - the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - will be held in Las Vegas, Dec. 12 - 15, 2015. With hundreds of exhibitors, and speakers presenting the latest findings in anti-aging research, this is THE conference to attend. For details:  

The best way to stay up-to-par about the science/modalities of anti-aging, stem cells, and applications thereof - and without sales pitches - subscribe to (no charge) A4M's health professional LONGEVITY MAGAZINE at ; just look for the bouncing red ball.

CASTLE ROCK WATER - - - in glass bottles - - - Magnificent!
Drinking water - - or any other fluid, sodas, juices - - from plastic bottles, or from cans (that usually have plastic liners) carries a great risk. Plastic contains BPA (a plastic hardener) that gets into the drinking fluid, mimics estrogen, and causes ED (Endocrine Disruption). Foods wrapped in plastic, cash-receipts (containing BPA; makes the paper printable), and other toxins - - pesticides, GMOs - - add up to disrupting hormone balance in the body that can cause erectile dysfunction, and affects the unborn; early puberty in girls, smaller penises in boys, and more. For more details, and how to detox, see LIFE-LONG HEALTH.
CASTLE RICK WATER is born from the pristine springs of Mount Shasta's glacier. Check it out:

Dr. Kugler’s presentation at the Spring 2012 Orlando Medical Congress of A4M - Endocrine Disrupters and Genetically Modified Organisms Negate Anti-Aging Protocols Leaving Only Specific Stem Cells as Effective Counter Measures - was honored by having it included in the “Anti-Aging Therapeutics” medical textbook. For details check out "Medical Therapeutics" textbooks at

“HOW TO Fitness and Anti-Aging beyond 80; eliminating the Pitfalls” was presented by Dr. Hans Kugler at the 12-15, 2012, largest ever, medical Congress of A4M at the VENETIAN in Las Vegas. For expanded abstract, click here:
169.0 KB

Are you still being fed toxic - genetically modified - foods/GMOs?
While, with lots of cheating and dishonesty, in California Proposition 37 (your right to know if your foods contain GMOs genetically modified foods) was announced as defeated - even though 4 million votes were still uncounted research published by Caen University, France, showed that animals fed genetically modified foods and associated herbicides, developed extremely large tumors/cancers, and multiple organ malfunctions. For details and pictures of the test animals CLICK here:.
107.0 KB

If your doctor - anybody - tells you not to take multivitamins, show them “Flawed study used to discredit Multivitamins.”

Good news for patients with nerve disorders like Parkinson’s, ALS, Fibromyalgia, others. For a report by Dr. Patricia Kane, click here: 

Also check the HEALTH/MEDIINE folder at “Free e-books”.at

Did you know that medicine has no clear definition of health? How can they talk about health if they don't have any idea about what it is, or how to achieve it?

Health = the absence of disease? What a primitive joke!

At the Orlando, Florida, Medical Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, April 7 - 9, 2011, Dr. Hans Kugler presented:

The Scientific basis for defining "true life-long health" as a state of homeostasis, with Aging and Telomere Research confirming Health Practices as true Anti-Aging Modalities. For more, click here  Defining Health; abstract.doc
49.5 KB

On the basis of this, well received, presentation, Dr. Kugler was invited to give two talks at the Bangkok Medical Congress, Sept. 2 - 4, 2011.

Several years ago LIFE EXTENSION published a paper that documented orthodox medicine itself as the # 1 cause of death in America. You can access the full paper at COMMENTARY; scroll down to "# 1 Cause of death."

Just recently - June 2011 edition of LifeExtension - the editor, William Faloon, exposed a fraudulent drug, Trasylol, for which - despite the fact that it killed one thousand people each month ($300 million sales for the drug company, Bayer), and was banned in European countries - the FDA only issued a warning.

IAAM congratulates LifeExtension for this, extremely well documented, exposure.

IAAM needs your financial support! Please help! IAAM is non-profit and has California Charitable status - 501-C-3 - which means that your donations are fully tax-deductible. In return for any donation, we will e-mail you:

a) Regeneration/rejuvenation/anti-aging, A 9-page status report, from the basics, health practices, anti-aging modalities to - future - stem cells with YOUR DNA.

b) Your Anti-Aging check-list, aimed at designing your individual anti-aging protocol. Aged prematurely? Younger than what it says in your birth certificate?

Make donations payable to IAAM, and send to - include your e-mail address:

218 Ave. B
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Dr. Kugler's "HK Stem Cell Research" offers one percent shares in the lab for $20,000. For a, hopefully short, time period - - until we reach $120,000; the cost of a high-tech NTL microscope - - Dr. Kugler offers ONE PERCENT shares for $10,000. Address as above; Dr. Hans J. Kugler. Questions? Contact: .

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